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Step 1: Reinforced foam blocks are stacked where the walls will go.  It's a bit like playing with legos!


What is ICF?

ICF --- short for Insulated Concrete Forms --- is an innovative building technology which uses stacked foam blocks filled with poured concrete.  The resulting structures are environmentally friendly and long lasting.  To top it all off, a typical ICF project can be built in 30% of the time required to build a similar structure using conventional building methods!

What are the advantages?
  • Step 2: Concrete is poured into the hollow space between the foam surfaces, forming a solid wall.Superb Structural Integrity: ICF walls benefit from the inherent structural qualities of concrete.  A typical eight inch ICF wall can withstand winds up to 200 mph, protecting structures during category five hurricanes, high winds, and tornadoes.  ICF buildings are also fire resistant for up to four hours longer than traditional buildings, greatly reducing any risk of harm by accident or arson.
  • Economic Benefit: ICF buildings are constructed at very nearly the same cost as traditional buildings --- industry estimates suggest ICF may cost anywhere from 0% to 10% more than traditional methods.  However, long term savings on energy far outweigh any slight initial increase in building cost.  ICF structures are nearly air-tight, which prevents the dissipation of conditioned air within the structure.  The result is extraordinary energy efficiency, saving anywhere from 50% to 90% on heating and cooling costs immediately.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: The indoor environment is clean and quiet.  With no wooden studs to interrupt insulation in the walls, ICF buildings have a more consistent indoor temperature.  The air-tightness of ICF buildings also keeps outdoor allergens and pollutants at a minimum --- an important feature in public buildings like schools and hospitals.  Finally, insulated walls keep ICF buildings almost completely sound proof, a feature that is much appreciated by students trying to concentrate on their math problems with the sounds of a busy cafeteria just a wall away.
Step 3: Move in and watch your energy bills plummet.
How does ICF work?

A typical ICF structure is built using durable and lightweight foam blocks like those shown above.  The blocks are stacked according to an architect's design, then are well braced to ensure level walls as concrete is poured into the hollow center.

After the concrete sets, what remains is an astonishingly solid structure with no joints or gaps between walls and floors.  The air-tightness of ICF structures means that an absolute minimum of costly conditioned air is allowed to escape the interior of the structure.  Imagine a modern incarnation of the durable and cool adobes created by Native Americans combined with hundreds of years of technological innovation.  That's ICF!

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